RUTH Davidson has said that if she becomes First Minister she will stop Scots getting a vote on independence.

The Scottish Tory chief, who is to return to frontline politics today, having been on maternity leave since last October, was accused of running from democracy.

In a “comeback” speech at the party’s conference in Aberdeen, Davidson is set to tell delegates that the country must “get out of the trenches of the last decade of Yes and No, Leave and Remain, and work together to create a better nation for us all”.

The Scottish Tory leader is going to use her speech to effectively launch her party’s campaign for the 2021 Holyrood elections.

But the call for constitutional calm will likely be overshadowed by the Tory party’s disastrous results at the local elections in England and the questions over the future of Theresa May.

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In her speech, Davidson is expected to say that the SNP believes a “break-up” is necessary before Scotland “can possibly hope to prosper”.

“I don’t see Scotland as subjugated, put upon or as held back.

“Our message is that we can prosper now. That we can back our businesses, build up our institutions and give future generations the skills to take on all-comers.

“That right here, right now, Scotland can take on the world. There’s nothing stopping us.”

Davidson will attack the “SNP chant” about “Standing up for Scotland”.

“I don’t believe you’re standing up for Scotland by making people in Scotland out to be helpless.

I don’t believe you’re standing up for Scotland by flying to America and telling them that your country is being held back.

“Nor by opening the curtains on a sunny day and spending your time searching the horizon for a dark cloud. Then blaming it on Westminster.

“I don’t believe we’re helpless. Nor that we’re being held back. And enough Nationalist dark clouds.”

And, if the Tories do form the next government in Edinburgh, Davidson promised to make a “firm guarantee” on any demand for an indyref.

“If I am elected Scotland’s next First Minister, there will be no more constitutional games and no more referenda. We’ve had enough to last a lifetime.”

The SNP’s depute leader Keith Brown said Davidson was “running scared of democracy”.

“Support for independence is on the rise, and the Tories can see that – which is what lies behind their utterly undemocratic move to block the people of Scotland having a say on their future. That is completely indefensible, and will prove to be an untenable position for the Tories.

“Ms Davidson is guilty of the most appalling double

standards, having previously said that the UK Government ‘shouldn’t block’ an independence referendum.”

Scottish Labour deputy leader Lesley Laird urged voters to be wary of the Tory MSP:“Ruth Davidson and her Scottish Tories MSPs have supported austerity every step of the way, despite what she would have people believe.”