AS a courtesy to all who are intending to take part in the Glasgow march and rally for independence tomorrow, The National is today publishing All Under One Banner’s guidelines for all participants.

In association with AUOB, The National is delighted to announce that the first 10,000 people to arrive at the starting point will be offered a FREE copy of the paper. It will have an appropriate cover and you may wish to display that cover during the march, but please do take your free copy home as this is to be a litter-free march and rally.

(NOTE: If anybody is available to help us distribute copies of The National tomorrow, our team will be opposite the bandstand on Kelvin Way from 11.30am. Your support is appreciated!)

Please note that an appeal for volunteer stewards has been made by AUOB. You can see it on their Facebook page or below.



Please gather at the designated start point at Kelvingrove Park, Kelvin Way, and allow time to spare. You will be organised by stewards into formation for the march that will leave at 1.30 pm sharp.

The march will open with Vip Dhol Drummers, who will then fall in behind the AUOB Banner. The march will be led by one single flag carrier and the Saor Alba Pipe Band, making only their second appearance as the pipes and drums of the Yes movement.

No marchers or stewards will be allowed in front of the musicians.

Next in line will be less abled marchers and wheelchair users who will form in rows of four across. This formation should be followed by all. Please note this section is for only those people that it has been designated for. It will be managed by stewards assigned to this task.

The AUOB banner will be placed immediately behind the wheelchair users with a steward on each side. All stewards will form on each side of the marchers and spread themselves from the front to the back of the march. All marchers will line up in fours behind the banner. Please try and comply with this, so we can try and get an accurate number of participants. No marchers will be allowed in front of the banner to ensure public safety.

Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather and to bring water and sunscreen as required.

Stewards and police are there to ensure that everyone has a good time and stays safe so please obey any instructions given by them. Remember the steward are volunteers and are there to make sure the event is a success.

Glasgow City Council has informed us any person who does not have permission from the main organiser and the city council themselves who breach city legislation and rules will be fined and shut down.

Regarding setting up certain stalls at Glasgow Green, all stallholders need to contact AUOB to make sure they meet all requirements. AUOB welcomes all Yes and pro-independence stalls.

It is very important to note that any counter demonstrations will be handled by specialised stewards. Marchers can either ignore the counter-demonstrators or smile and wave. There should be no standing beside them or mixing in with them – our movement doesn’t need any negative publicity.

We are aware that some of the unionists that we know will be holding a counter-demonstration will be wearing body cameras and are hoping for a "Kodak moment" to portray us in a bad light. We know that because they have said so on social media. Do not play their game.

As you are leaving Kelvin Way we will have a team of volunteers doing a bucket collection. They will be carrying AUOB buckets with logos, wearing vests and ID badges. Each bucket will have a unique tamper proof reference number lock that will be assigned to an individual collector.

There will be no other authorised collectors. If you see anyone collecting without the AUOB identity badges and tamper-proof security tags on buckets displaying the AUOB logo please report this to the nearest steward immediately. After the march and rally, the buckets will be opened in front of independent bodies, recorded by them and AUOB. They will ensure the tamper-proof locks are still in place and the unique reference number is the same.

When all donations have been counted the total will be announced on the AUOB page. We are asking, if you are able, to please donate £1 or any amount you can give. We are hoping we to raise enough to do a massive billboard campaign and be assured all the money raised will go into furthering the cause of independence.

Please note at the rally unless prior authorisation has been given you will not be allowed behind the barriers. Directly in front of the stage, this area is reserved for media coverage.

Come along and enjoy the day, bring your flags, pipes and drums. Bring your family and friends, encourage others to join us.

All Under One Banner’s independence marching season is about to begin. Thank you all for marching for Scottish independence.