The National:

POLITICIANS seem to be unable to give a direct answer to simple questions at the best of times but the Tories might just be the worst for it.

This was certainly the case in an unbelievable Scotland Tonight interview with Ruth Davidson.

At the start of the interview the Scottish Tory leader says it is "important that the whole of the UK gets behind [Theresa May's] negotiation".

When STV's Colin Mackay asks her what she has been delivering for Scotland with the Prime Minister, Davidson responds: "Well I've been sitting down with people right across the country, different sectors, agriculture, fisheries, farming ..."

So far, a non-answer.

Mackay then asks: "In terms of the UK Government ministers, what have you got out of them?"

Davidson replies: "Well I'm not going to talk about private conversations in public."

Surely Scotland's post-Brexit strategy is in the public interest?

When pressed again on whether she has got anything for Scotland out of the UK Government, Davidson said: "Absolutely. I've been making sure, more importantly, that I've been feeding in what people in all these sectors want."

Still wanting an answer, Mackay has to ask Davidson a FOURTH time what policies she is delivering for Scotland. He even says: "If you don't want to give specifics, tell me what sort of area you've got something in?"

"Well look, we're talking about the different ways in which we can differentiate a deal so it best suits sectors right across the economy", Davidson responds.

And, being unable to list a single policy that benefits Scotland, Davidson then resorts to bashing the SNP. "The SNP like to talk about differentiation quite a lot but they refuse to acknowledge that there is differentiation that exist on any other grounds other than geography," she says.

"I've challenged repeatedly, and I'll challenge again, on this programme too, the SNP to come up with answers as to why ..."

Mackay interrupts her to ask a final time: "But I just challenge you to come up with something you've come up with. What have you come up with to deliver for Scotland?"

Davidson: "No I'm not telling you. If I start talking about individual provate conversations that I've had with ministers then I never get to say that these conversations get to be private again."

If you can't even answer a simple question should you even be in office?