Watchdog Live, BBC1, 8pm

NEW series. Matt Allwright, Steph McGovern and Nikki Fox return with a shocking report revealing serious safety concerns over some of the country’s best-known companies. The team also tackles a problem that more viewers have been in touch about than almost any other – unravelling how you could find yourself being billed for mobile phone services you never agreed to.

Planet Child, STV, 9pm

IT’S only been about five minutes since twin medics Chris and Xand Van Tulleken were last on our screens, but here they are, back already to front a new, three-part series in which children aged between four and seven have their reactions to various challenges measured. The idea is to investigate how youngsters experience life, as well as their approaches to risk-taking, independence, morality and gender awareness. The first episode introduces viewers to six-year-old Michi from Japan who does something unthinkable in the UK – he travels alone across Tokyo to get to school.

Forensics: The Real CSI, BBC2, 9pm

VIEWERS should be fascinated by this new series which takes them behind the scenes to find out how crimes are investigated and the crucial role cutting-edge forensic science plays in bringing villains to justice. The run begins after a shooting has taken place. The team must identify the gunman from evidence he left behind at the scene of the crime while establishing the cause of death of a body found in suspicious circumstances.

Old Wife, New Wife, Channel 5, 9pm

SOMETIMES the more distance kept between ex-partners the better, and the thought of a couple moving in with the husband’s ex-wife for a week sounds like madness. However, as this ongoing series proves, there’s also a lot of good which can arise from such an encounter.

Chimerica, C4, 9pm

AS election day looms, Lee Berger approaches exiled Chinese billionaire Tang Wen Lei for his help in the search for the Tank Man. Tang is concerned that finding him may spark a democratic revolution in China, and points Lee in the direction of Democratic senator Maria Dubecki.