The National:

IT sounds like Kezia Dugdale has been enjoying her morning commute since confirming her intention to quit the Scottish Parliament yesterday. 

During a Holyrood debate on music tuition in schools, partner Jenny Gilruth cracked a joke about a particular Queen song resonating with the former Scottish Labour leader. 

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Gilruth said: “Eight years ago researchers at McGill University in Montreal established for the very first time that dopamine had been recorded in response to music.

"And dopamine transmission was higher when the participants were listening to music they enjoyed.

"Which perhaps accounts for why my partner and I were listening to ‘I Want To Break Free’ by Queen on the way into work this morning. Because, Presiding Officer, music makes us feel good.”

It was confirmed yesterday that Dugdale would be leaving the Parliament in July to become the director of Glasgow University’s John Smith Centre for Public Service.

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