NEW research from YouGov has revealed that the public aren't really too sure where all the parties stand on Brexit....

While the SNP is recognised by 65% of the UK public as an anti-Brexit party, only 53% believed the same could be said for the Lib Dems.

Meanwhile, the newly launched Change UK party (also known as the independent group) was viewed as anti-Brexit by only 38%, while 49% either did not know where they stood or thought they were neither for or against leaving the EU.

The Brexit Party, which launched around the same time as Change UK, was recognised as being pro-Brexit by a whopping 79%.

The National: Source: YouGovSource: YouGov

The lack of recognition for Change UK's stance will likely worry the party, given that opposition to Brexit is essentially the only concrete stance they have so far adopted.

However, knowledge of Change UK's anti-Brexit policy jumped to 47% when looking specifically at those who intend to vote in the upcoming EU election.

The Liberal Democrats and Greens also saw a boost in their recognised position when counting only those who intend to vote for them.

The results highlight a "missed opportunity" for parties to have effectively communicated with the public, according to YouGov's lead data journalist Matthew Smith.

He said: "The disparity between the awareness among the most dedicated party supporters and the likely electorate and public at large represents a huge missed opportunity in terms of possible support that has been squandered by failing to make even their most basic messaging public knowledge."