THE leader of the Scottish Conservatives has backtracked on a previous claim that the UK Government should not block a Section 30 order from being granted.

When asked whether indyref2 should go ahead in an interview with the BBC's Brian Taylor today, Ruth Davidson said: "I'll say no, and this Prime Minister and the next prime minister should say so too".

But in 2016 Davidson had told BBC Sunday Politics Scotland that while she thought a re-run of the referendum would be "incredibly premature", she did not believe it should be completely denied as she is a "democrat".

In today's BBC interview, ahead of her return to politics following seven months of maternity leave, Davidson said she would be "actively campaigning" against indyref2 taking place.

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She said it was "very clear that a majority of Scots don't want it".

The MSP also accused the First Minister of trying to "rip up" the Edinburgh Agreement.

She continued: "Nicola Sturgeon doesn't agree with Nicola Sturgeon on this.

"Not only is she going back on the Edinburgh Agreement that she signed, where she said she would respect the result for a generation, the test she put down for any future referendum before the last election would be that the majority of Scots would want it."

Despite Davidson's claims that a "majority of Scots" are opposed to indyref2, a recent Scotland in Union poll proved otherwise.

The Unionists' survey, which depute leader Keith Brown said had "spectacularly backfired", showed 57% of people backed holding a second independence referendum.

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The poll also showed that at the SNP are on course to win 51 out of 59 Scottish seats at the next General Election.

Davidson is due to return to the Scottish Parliament, where deputy leader Jackson Carlaw has been filling in for her, on Thursday.

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