KEZIA Dugdale is on the verge of quitting the Scottish Parliament. The former Scottish Labour leader could be out of Holyrood by the end of June, according to the Sunday Times.

A source close to Dugdale told the paper that a departure announcement would be made shortly. If she does go, the list MSP, whose partner is the SNP politician Jenny Gilruth, will be replaced by the next candidate on Labour’s list, Sarah Boyack.

Dugdale has often found herself at odds with both her successor Richard Leonard and with UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Those tensions came to a head during her recent defamation battle with Wings Over Scotland’s Stuart Campbell, when Labour abruptly and unexpectedly ended financial support for her legal fees.

The party’s previous general secretary Iain McNicol had promised to support Dugdale, but his replacement, Jennie Formby, cut off costs when they reached £90,000.