Travel Man: 48 Hours in Tallinn, C4, 8.30pm

RICHARD Ayoade is joined by TV and radio presenter Alice Levine for a packed two-day break in the Estonian capital. The pair head to the top of the country’s tallest building, while Levine gives a masterclass in TV presenting, and they walk through 1000 years of Estonian history – including peeping Toms and a cold-war cocktail. They also visit an old KGB outpost, try the sport of kick sledging and sample some new Baltic cuisine.

A House Through Time, BBC2, 9pm

THIS fascinating series comes to a conclusion as David Olusoga follows the residents of the house from 1946 to the present day, uncovering infidelity and divorce and tracing a Second World War prisoner to Ravensworth Terrace. He finds out it was bought by the Salvation Army in 1959 and converted into a Goodwill Centre, before it fell into disrepair. David also meets the current owners to fill them in on their home’s history.

The Widow, STV, 9pm

The search for Will takes Georgia across the border from the Democratic Republic of Congo into Rwanda. On her arrival, she prepares to finally learn the answers about what really happened to her husband, but she is not ready for what she finds there. Starring Kate Beckinsale, Alex Kingston, Charles Dance and Ariel Helgason.

The Curry House Kid, C4, 10pm

AT one point there were 12,000 curry houses in Britain, many run by Bangladeshi immigrants. Akram Khan’s dad was one of them, and he thought his son would inherit the family business. However, Akram was more keen on dancing than making dhansak, and now he’s one of the world’s leading choreographers. This film sees him return to the curry houses of his youth. He meets the chefs who created this culinary institution in the face of hostility and often violent racism. He comes face to face with his past and family history, and discusses the reasons he became a dancer.

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