Our new favourite …


What’s it called?


What’s it about?

Good question. A psychological and political thriller composed of snatches of audio – interviews, phone calls, surveillance recordings and the like – it turns on the experiences of Heidi Bergman, a case worker at a facility for soldiers returning from some unspecified conflict. In therapy sessions with a soldier called Walter Cruz and in rushed phone calls with Bergman’s boss, Colin, we learn about the facility and its importance to those in the defence procurement business in Washington DC. Intercut with that, and taking place five years later, are the attempts by a Defence Department investigator to interview Bergman about her time at the facility, a period she seems to have some trouble remembering.

Who’s in it?

Quite a stellar line-up for a podcast: two-time Oscar nominee Catherine Keener plays Heidi Bergman, Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron in Star Wars since 2015) is Walter Cruz and – wait for it – David Schwimmer voices the part of Colin.

Best bits so far?

There’s a lengthy sequence in episode two in which Cruz tells Bergman all about Titanic Rising, a fictional sequel to Titanic which he and his platoon buddies made up in an elaborate hoax to prank a fellow soldier, who loved Titanic so much he would watch it every day.

Worst bits so far?

There are advertising breaks to contend with, though the technically-minded among you should be able to fast forward through them.

Where can I find it?

It’s made by American company Gimlet, one of the biggest producers of podcasts, and is available from Apple and Spotify among many other platforms.

Fun fact …

Amazon Video picked up the TV rights to Homecoming in 2016 and the show debuted in November last year, with Julia Roberts – Julia Roberts! – in the role of Heidi Bergman.

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