Boisdale Canary Wharf
Cabot Square

What is it - When The Boisdale Canary Wharf opened in January 2011 it was the largest and most audacious of the Boisdale chain of bars and restaurants. The stunning 12,000 sq ft venue which costed an estimated £3 million overlooks Cabot Square in the capital. Here you will find a restau-rant, a caviar and oyster bar, a huge terrace and even a Cuban library and shop. And of course there’s the whisky bar, with one of the largest selections of malt whisky in the world. Its owner Ranald Macdonald also has a passion for Jazz which you will find showcased through live music from some of the worlds best artists including regular appearances from Jules Holland. The owner is from a long line of Scottish ancestry and you can tell his mission is to celebrate Scotland in a not so traditional way.

Verdict - I always head for the Whisky Bar when i visit. The team here are knowledgeable and passionate about their Scotch which is always great to experiance. The thing i enjoy about it most is that you can sit here and watch every gender and age trying different whiskies and loving it, this is something you want always see in some of the more traditional whisky bars in Scotland.

Drink - If you have time ask for their Whisky bible and sit back and have a good read, there are over 1000 whiskies on the dramatic 12 meter bar for you to admire. If you are feeling overwhelmed then just ask the team behind the bar who will guide you to your perfect dram.

Food - I don't often eat here but when i have its been great. Most dishes have some Scottish ele-ment and they source some of the best produce our natural larder has to offer.

Prices - Ok so it is in London so expect to pay London prices. If you are used to paying The Pot Still pub prices for your drams then you’ll be in for a wee shock.

Interesting Fact - The owner of The Boisdale group, Ranald Macdonald, is something of a hospitality legend in London being once described by Tatler magazine as the “Britain’s ‘most politically incor-rect restaurant owner’. Ranald ancestry is rooted in the Highlands of Scotland being the younger of Clanranald and eldest son of the 24th chief and captain of Clanranald. His dream was to bring a taste of the Highlands to London in his unique style and in 1986 he opened the first of his Boisdale restaurants in Belgravia, based simply on his loves: “Scotland, whisky, cigars and jazz”.

Children - Not really the kind of place to take the kids but if they love their Haggis then why not.

Perfect for - Back in my Whisky Ambassador days i would regularly frequent The Boisdale when entertaining guests from abroad. There is always something comforting about entering a place in London that is a celebration of all things Scottish. As i sit there with my Scottish Salmon with a whisky i cant help feeling a bit smug.

Avoid if - You are just not into enjoying some of the best Scottish food and drink and prefer jellied Eels and cockles when in London.