A SECOND Glasgow SNP councillor has quit the party after a falling-out with council leader Susan Aitken.

Russell Robertson handed in his notice, telling Aitken he could no longer serve under her because: “I feel you no longer have the leadership skills, qualities and above all the consensus-building skills required to lead this great city."

But an SNP source hit back, accusing the councillor – who previously sat for both the Tories and Labour – of “throwing his toys out of the pram” after losing a lucrative post as city convenor.

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Robertson's resignation comes a week after Councillor Glen Elder. He accused the leadership of “bullying”.

There are rumours flying around the City Chambers that between four and six other SNP councillors could be on the brink of quitting.

The National:

The SNP currently have 37 councillors, still ahead of Labour, who have 31, while the Tories have eight and the Greens seven.

Last year, 60-year-old Robertson was forced to stand down as a baillie – a civic role, deputising for the Lord Provost – and as chair of the community planning partnership after he was accused of acting in an abusive manner and making sectarian remarks.

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He was cleared of all charges but his partner, David Hara, admitted shouting “the Pope was a paedo” during a dispute with a neighbour.

Though Robertson was reinstated as a baillie, a reshuffle saw his position on the planning partnership, with its £7000 salary uplift, subsumed into another, and taken over by SNP councillor Jennifer Layden.

An SNP group spokesman told The National: “It was right that Russell was asked to stand down from his paid position when he was charged last year.

“It’s seems he had an expectation that he would be reinstated to that same paid position.

“No-one elected as a representative of their community is owed their living beyond their core pay.

“It is very sad indeed that Russell has chosen to resign because of a loss of privilege.”

An SNP source said: “There was always the potential for Russell to do this, because Russell has always looked after Russell.”

A Labour source said: “It is an open secret in the City Chambers that there are at least half a dozen other SNP members deeply unhappy with the leadership and direction of their group. More resignations or defections would come as no surprise.”

Our SNP source admitted losing control of the council could be possible: “We can just about get away with being two down. If it gets to three or four or five, we’ll be in trouble.”