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SNP MP Joanna Cherry QC has labelled a BBC interview of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon  "amateurish and cringeworthy".

Sturgeon was appearing on Good Morning Scotland for a radio interview, two days after her announcement that indyref2 could be held within two years.

Tweeting after the interview, Cherry said: "I don’t know how @NicolaSturgeon kept her cool with her interviewer on #bbcgms there. Constant interruptions & a stream of misinformation & mistaken propositions. Amateurish & cringeworthy. Time for #BBCGMS to up its game"

So, what was it that sparked those comments? Well, you can listen to the full broadcast on iPlayer – the interview starts at roughly one hour and 52 minutes into the broadcast – but we've included a sample below.

Discussing issues relating to the UK Government saying it would not grant a Section 30 order, the First Minister said: "The question should be for David Lidington and the UK Government. They oppose independence and that's perfectly legitimate, but trying to stand in the way of a democratic choice of the people of Scotland when there is a mandate for such a choice..."

At that point, presenter Hayley Millar interrupted to say: "Is there a mandate? Polls have recently shown, and even the most recent one this week, do not show support much beyond 40%. At the last Holyrood election, you lost 21 of your MSPs. 37% of the vote share in Scotland..."

The mandate being referred to by the First Minister is one secured at the last Scottish election. So, losing 21 MSPs and only having a 37% vote share ... might that be a blow to the mandate?

It doesn't really matter, because Millar is entirely confusing her figures – those are for the Westminster election. The SNP's vote share was 46.5% and it lost only six seats.

Sturgeon continued: "I think you might want to check your facts on that proposition you've just put to me about the last Holyrood election.

"We'll gloss over that for the moment for the purposes of the debate here. The last Holyrood election – which, let me remind you, the SNP won with a record vote share – in that manifesto we said, and I am quoting almost direcctly here, there would be a choice of another independecne referendum if there was a material change in circumstances such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will.

"That's exactly the scenario that we are in. So yes, to answer your question, it's straightforward.."

In reference to Scotland being taken out, Millar spoke over Sturgeon to say: "Well it hasn't, has it?"

Sturgeon hit back: "Well, perhaps let me finish one sentence. To answer the question you started with straightforwardly, yes there is a mandate for the choice within this parliament."

Cherry is never one to shy from a tough interview, so her opinion is telling: "Constant interruptions & a stream of misinformation & mistaken propositions."

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