WHY is our First Minister so hell bent on waiting to see what road Brexit will take or even not take before she decides on her plans for an independent Scotland? If there is another referendum which by all accounts could reverse the original Brexit vote, will she then have a different view for an independent Scotland in Europe? This is a current fear for some of her supporters.

She could ask for a Section 30 Order given the precedent has already been set. She will probably be refused, in which case she could exercise her parliamentary mandate. But whichever choice she might aspire to in giving Scotland its referendum, there should be very little Westminster could do to step in the way to prevent it.

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And given the reasonably expected positive result of an independence referendum, access into the EU, in whichever format is preferred, is a given result, especially with the support for Scottish membership shown by the European Parliament.

So I ask again, why is Nicola Sturgeon waiting on Brexit to happen (or not) before she will decide to set a date for Scotland to begin its independence campaign?

Alan Magnus-Bennett