Wednesday April 24
Nicola Sturgeon will update MSPs on a possible second independence referendum.

Her spokesman has promised a “detailed and substantive statement setting out a path forward for Scotland amid the ongoing Brexit confusion at Westminster”.

The First Minister is due to speak at around 1.30pm, with MSPs getting an hour between 2pm and 3pm to ask questions.

Regardless of what the First Minister says you can also expect some big news from The National as we launch our new campaign on independence. More details to follow.

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Before all that it’s also the first Prime Minister’s Questions in two weeks, with Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May going head to head. But given their attempt to work together to find a solution to the Brexit impasse, the toughest questions for May will likely come from her own, furious backbenchers.

Thursday April 25
It’s the formal launch of the Scottish Independence Convention. This coalition of Yes supporting groups have already raised more than £100k for a campaign to lift support for independence to 60% or more.

The National: Elaine C Smith is the SIC's convenerElaine C Smith is the SIC's convener

Since January 2018 they have been working on “the best way to promote the independence message and have forged ahead with the creation of a dedicated campaign organisation.”

In Holyrood, it’s First Minister’s Questions. The opposition parties and Nicola Sturgeon’s own MSPs have had an extra 24 hours to reflect on her statement. What will they ask?

Friday April 26
Delegates start arriving in Edinburgh for the SNP’s spring conference. Expect the capital’s many, many pubs to be hoaching as Sturgeon’s party faithful chew over the First Minister’s announcement.

Saturday April 27
It’s the start of the SNP’s party conference. Thousands of members will head to the capital’s conference centre for the two day shindig .

Day one will be dominated by the currency debate, and leadership could face a significant rebellion.

Last week, writing in this paper, Sturgeon called for a “careful, managed and responsible transition to an independent currency”.

The National:

But there are a growing number of members who think the First Minister is being too cautious here.

The Campaign for an Independent Currency (CIC) is unhappy about the wait for the “right” timing and is calling for the immediate creation of currency in the first term of an independent Scottish Parliament.

Who will members agree with?

Sunday April 28
It’s the First Minister’s speech to the party faithful. Last October, when addressing delegates in Aberdeen, she acknowledged that Yes supporters were champing at the bit for her to name the date of a second referendum.

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She asked them to wait just a little bit longer.

“As we wait – impatiently, at times, I know – for this phase of negotiations to conclude and for the fog of Brexit to clear, be in no doubt about this.

“The last two years have shown why Scotland needs to be independent, and I am more confident than ever that Scotland will be independent.”

Will she ask her supporters to wait longer still or will she have something to tell them?