DONALD Trump could be coming back to Scotland this summer. Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the US president is due to make a state visit to the UK in early June.

Trump will spend time in London, where he will meet the Queen, and either Theresa May or her replacement, before heading to Portsmouth for events marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

But it looks like he will end his time in Britain with a trip to his Ayrshire golf course. According to the Trump Turnberry website, there are no tee times available to buy on June 5.

While there are still plenty of opportunities for 18-holes on the June 3, 4 and 6, any golfer looking for a £325 round on the last day of Trump’s visit to the UK is being told no.

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The Scottish Government said it had not been told of any visit.

If Trump does come to the country of his mother’s birth, then Police Scotland is going to have to find a few extra million pounds. When Trump came here for two days in July 2018, the force had to deploy more than 5537 officers around the country.

Part of that deployment was to police the mass demonstrations when thousands took to the streets. It also involved guarding Trump’s golf courses.

The force also had to build watchtowers and temporary barriers, and operate perimeter patrols at Prestwick Airport.

The visit cost Police Scotland £3.2 million above its normal day-to-day budgets, with £1.6m of that being spent on overtime.

The National: Activists from Stand Up to Racism Scotland protest during Trump's visit to TurnberryActivists from Stand Up to Racism Scotland protest during Trump's visit to Turnberry

Yesterday, the Stand Up To Trump network promised they would again mobilise “huge numbers” of protesters in response to the visit.

Unlike last time, which was a working visit, Trump will be in the UK on a state visit, a grand occasion full of pomp and ceremony. He was initially invited by May just days after he was inaugurated in 2017 but the trip was repeatedly delayed amid fears of protests.

The Queen acts as the official host for the duration of the trip, and Trump will likely stay in one of her castles. There is usually a white-tie state banquet at Buckingham Palace and a visit to – and speeches at – Parliament.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced on Twitter: “Big news: @realDonaldTrump and @MELANIATRUMP will be hosted by Her Majesty The Queen for their first State Visit to the United Kingdom in June. The transatlantic relationship has been the foundation of global peace and prosperity for many years – and great things are yet to come!”

Emily Thornberry, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary, was less enthusiastic: “It beggars belief that on the very same day Donald Trump is threatening to veto a UN resolution against the use of rape as a weapon of war, Theresa May is pressing ahead with her plans to honour him with a state visit to the UK.

“This is a president who has systematically assaulted all the shared values that unite our two countries, and unless Theresa May is finally going to stand up to him and object to that behaviour, she has no business wasting taxpayers’ money on all the pomp, ceremony and policing costs that will come with this visit.”

The Scottish Government said it had not been approached by the UK Government.

A spokesman said: “Scotland has deep and longstanding ties of family, friendship and business with the United States, which will continue to endure. However, we will not compromise our fundamental values of equality, diversity, and human rights.”