Earth from Space, BBC1, 11.05pm

THE second episode of this nature programme provides more incredible views as it zooms in on things which can only be seen from above. An aerial look at the South Australian outback reveals mysterious light spots interlinked with narrow trails, and explains they are the work of the hairy nosed wombat, which digs networks of burrows. In the Congo rainforest, a clearing appears due to an elephant gathering, and viewers also learn why the twists and turns of the Amazon are home to rehabilitated manatees.

Find It, Fix It, Drive It, More4, 9pm

ONCE considered a basic form of transportation, embraced only by farmers and tradespeople, pick-ups have become the personal choice of millions of individuals and families, and the bestselling vehicle in the US for decades has been the Ford pick-up. Here, car restorer Henry Cole explores the history of the pick-up wagon. Then, Sam Lovegrove joins him as he hunts for a classic truck to restore with a custom ‘rat rod’ finish to be used as a daily driver.

Old Wife, New Wife, C5, 9pm

LAST year, Channel 5 brought us the documentary The New Wife, in which Donna and her partner Matt moved in with his ex, Ashleigh, for a week to see if it would help them to heal old wounds and make their co-parenting more amicable. The experiment was such a success that more former couples (and new partners) have signed up for this three-part series. We’re introduced to Cyren, who claims that his ex Laura restricted his access to their three-year-old son when he got together with Meaghan. Will spending a week living together help the three adults resolve their issues?

Chimerica, C4, 9pm

JOURNALISTS Lee Berger and Mel Kincaid continue their search through New York City for Wang Pengfei, who they believe could be the Tank Man of Tiananmen Square. When they come across a personal advert posted in a Chinese newspaper referencing Wang Pengfei, the pair trace it back to a woman who confesses to helping him to illegally enter the US after Tiananmen. Meanwhile, in Beijing, as Zhang Lin cares for his sick neighbour, he is haunted by the ghost of his wife who died in the 1989 massacre.