Food Unwrapped Goes Vegan, Channel 4, 8pm
IN this special episode of the series, meat-loving and meat-rearing Jimmy Doherty attempts to go vegan for a week and asks if we should all adopt the lifestyle which is gaining popularity. In the US, he sees if there’s a solution to carbon emissions from belching cows, and samples the latest fake meats on offer, including chicken nuggets grown in a lab. Meanwhile, Matt Tebbutt sets out to discover why some vegan products are more expensive than their meaty equivalents, Dr Helen Lawal asks if we should raise children as vegan, and Kate Quilton delves into the secret world of the vegan cheese melt.

Trust Me, BBC1, 9pm
JOHN Hannah is the man very much in demand thanks to The Victim and this compelling offering. In the latest edition, Jamie continues to disrupt the unit with his recurring night terrors. As he obsessively searches for the truth, his behaviour becomes increasingly erratic. Is the threat real or imagined? Alfred Enoch and Ashley Jensen also star.

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild, C5, 9pm
THE presenter meets former Melbourne-based festival director Karen, who set up a three-acre artists’ retreat in the heart of the Sahara. The project required that she learn centuries-old techniques – and the art of patience. Ben learns the importance of community, and how one man in particular was pivotal to Karen’s realisation of a new life in the wild. Fogle finds time to trek into the desert with camels, visit the local market and climb sand dunes.

Don’t Forget the Driver, BBC2, 10pm
IT’S the third episode of this superbly crafted sadcom. After waking up to the enormity of his decision, beleaguered Bognor Regis coach driver Peter calls his happy-go-lucky twin brother Barry in Australia for advice. However, Peter’s frustrated daughter Kayla is unimpressed when she realises that she is expected to help with their new house guest. After another home visit from the community health nurse, Peter is told that it’s not safe for his mentally deteriorating mother Joy to live alone. Troubled by this, he goes to work, driving Fran’s son Kieran and his friend Pippa to the hydrotherapy pool.