A THIRD of people living in England believe Scottish bank notes are fake, according to research released by Censuswide Scotland on Monday.

Almost 2000 people living in England were shown a selection of Scottish bank notes and asked a series of questions.

The poll also found that nearly a quarter of English respondents would reject any Scottish bank note that was handed to them, while almost 90 per cent were unsure where the currency even came from.

A further 12 per cent were unsure what the exchange rate was between Scotland and England.

Those taking part in the poll were specifically shown notes from the Bank of Scotland, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale Bank.

Notes from the Royal Bank of Scotland were the least likely to be accepted, with over 1 in 5 respondents believing them to be fake.

1,710 English people took part in the research, which was conducted via an online panel.