NANCY Pelosi, Democrat Leader of the House, has visited both parts of Ireland and has spoken of the courage of those who helped to achieve the Good Friday Agreement. Unfortunately this has not had much media coverage in the UK.

In particular, her statement that the UK could not expect to negotiate trade deals with the US if the Good Friday Agreement were to be compromised has not been widely reported.

I would actually suggest that the UK Government should face an International Court of Justice if they allow a no deal Brexit, even by default, as it would break the international agreement they signed.

Perhaps the threat of this would impose a sense of reality in the dithering band of MPs and force a compromise. It might not lead to the result the Brexiteers want, and certainly would not satisfy everyone, but it would be preferable to no deal and it would force those who instigated this crazy enterprise to face the resulting impossible situation which they have caused.

Ann Rayner