Our new favourite …


What’s it called?

Shrine Of Duty

What’s it about?

Well, if the title hasn’t caused the (bent) penny to drop, the show’s explanatory subtitle should: The Officially Unofficial Line Of Duty Podcast. That’s Line Of Duty as in the much-loved police drama about fictional anti-corruption unit AC-12, the one written by Jed Mercurio and starring Adrian Dunbar, Vicky McClure and Martin Compston, and which has just returned to our screens for a fifth series.

Who’s in it?

The presenters are Brendan, Hannah and Rebecca, a trio of Irish LOD obsessives who guiltily admit that none of them is an original fan who has been following the show since its debut in 2012. Instead, two have come at it through Netflix and one via The Bodyguard (also written by Mercurio). And none of them actually understands all of it.

Best bits so far?

The bonkers theorising about who may or may not be implicated in the massive web of corruption which may or may not have AC-12 boss Ted Hastings (Dunbar) at the heart of it. In the episode titled Ted Herring, the trio even go as far as to suggest that DS Cottan, aka Dot (Craig Parkinson), the infamous mole from Season Three, may still be alive. Hard to believe, but they make a decent case.

Where can I find it?

It’s available to download for free on iTunes, Audioboom and Spotify.

Fun fact …

If the podcast’s Twitter feed is to believed, Hannah’s mum has gifted the three presenters an AC-12 mug each, complete with logo and individual catch-phrases. Hannah’s says: “I didn’t come up the Liffey on a lilo”.

For fans of ...

Line Of Duty, obviously.

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