Ross Wilock is a volunteer at the GFT cinema in Glasgow

I WAS inspired to take this role because of my love for film. I think it's really important when volunteering that you go for a role that is something you care about and not just for an extra on your CV.

I also have a history with GFT. When I was going through operations in my teens it was one of few places I could go due to accessibility issues. At this time in my life I was in a wheelchair and/or crutches, and when it came to me volunteering the GFT were extremely accommodating to my disabilities. I also have a visual impairment and this meant having paperwork such as the run sheet for the shift in bigger format, which they were very happy to do. This is why this opportunity is so rewarding.

The National:

As a GFT front of house volunteer my role includes such responsibilities as taking tickets, showing customers to seats and being the face of the GFT, answering questions for the public as well as making sure the screens are clean and tidy for customers.

I have some previous experience with volunteering. I worked for a few months in British Heart Foundation and Oxfam retailers both in the west end, mainly focussing on the film and entertainment sections of the stores, making sure the DVDs and book were all stocked and that we had good marketing strategies.

For the past few years I have volunteered at Glasgow Film Festival and Glasgow Short Film Festival, which have both equally been so rewarding, and I have met some amazing people. These experiences of volunteering has lead me to form relationships with people within the industry, which has been incredible. I have made a lot of friends through this and I hope to gain a higher role in Glasgow’s film industry.

I get a lot out of volunteering, I have met some interesting people and have had the chance to see films I wouldn’t normally see otherwise, which for a film fan is amazing. Through volunteering I have seen films such as Beautiful Boy, the Oscar-winning film The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots as well as many others. I have also gained a lot is experience working with the public and dealing with enquiries. It has been a great time, though stressful and difficult at times.

I get a chance to see the operation of running a cinema and the diverse audience that comes. It also has the benefit of allowing me to meet other people who are either in or trying to break into the film industry and therefore creating contacts and friends for work outwith volunteering. It has been an amazing opportunity and has really confirmed my love for film and the industry.

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