THEY used to be Yes Aberdeen 2, but now one of the most active independence campaign groups in the country is calling itself Aye Aberdeen.

It’s been a swift and successful change of identity for already the re-branded group has been formally recognised by the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC).

Aye Aberdeen became a member of the SIC late last month and will be represented within it via the North East Independent Group. The latter is made up of pro-independence groups from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Angus.

Aye Aberdeen told The National that the group’s rebranding from Yes Aberdeen 2 “reflects its members’ desire to move on from the 2014 referendum with a new mandate for Scottish independence, particularly in light of the ongoing Brexit bourach.”

They explained: “There was widespread reluctance within the group’s membership to re-use Yes Aberdeen, as that was a clearly different group from a different era. Aye is a widely recognised affirmation, used in both Scots and Doric, and with the double meaning of ‘yes’ and ‘always’.”

Co-chair Rory Macpherson added: “We have an extremely active and enthusiastic membership which has been growing steadily during the past few years. We can now call on up to 200 volunteers for campaigning initiatives and in addition have 1500 followers on our Facebook page.

“The SIC development is a welcome boost for us as it clearly demonstrates a recognition of the successful efforts and activities we have now been making for some time to engage with the wider north-east community on the subject of Scottish independence.”

“The individuals involved in Yes Aberdeen did a fantastic job in the run up to the 2014 referendum and many of them are now on board with Aye Aberdeen.”

Leaflets, posters and other literature and associated promotional and merchandising materials carrying the new branding have been produced and have now been formally unveiled.

Members were given a sneak preview at Aye Aberdeen’s latest public event. This was a well-attended presentation and discussion entitled Scotland’s Future History with historian and author Stuart McHardy.

In addition to its ongoing programme of meetings and events, including leafleting and canvassing, Aye Aberdeen is continuing to operate independence information stalls in the city centre at weekends.

The team will also be organising coaches to the All Under One Banner series of marches being held in Scotland this summer, starting in Glasgow, and is liaising closely with AUOB organisers over the Aberdeen march being held in August.