THERE’S a stooshie brewing in Scottish Labour after the party picked an independence supporter as one of their six candidates in next month’s European elections.

When he revealed the line-up, Richard Leonard claimed the vote would be a chance “for the people of Scotland to reject nationalism - both Scottish and British”.

But 21-year-old Amy Lee Fraioli, who’s fourth on the list, is understood to have supported independence during the 2014 referendum, and has previously been involved in Scottish Green Party events. She is also believed to have voted for Brexit.

Prominent activist, John Ruddy, tweeted: “I see @scottishlabour has an ‘advocate for Independence’ who voted leave on its list of candidates for the Euro Elections.

“Obviously not taking that ‘regain Scotland’ thing seriously then?”

Fraioli, who works for Labour MSP James Kelly, declined to respond to requests for a comment.

A Labour party spokesman said: “Under Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard Labour’s anti-austerity message is winning over people who voted yes in 2014, and only Labour can bring our divided country together again.”

Tory councillor Ryan Houghton tweeted: “Not surprising to see Richard Leonard’s Labour Party putting independence supporters on their slate.”