LABOUR have deleted a Passover message on social media after it came under fire for featuring a loaf of bread.

The message read: "As Jewish people prepare for Passover, we're wishing everyone in the Jewish community chag sameach #Passover."

The problem is leavened bread is not eaten during the Jewish holiday. Instead, unleavened bread is eaten to symbolise the flight of Israelite slaves in Egypt, who didn’t have time to allow bread to rise before fleeing.

The inclusion of the image in an official tweet by Jeremy Corbyn's party – alongside a Star of David and a goblet – led to a barrage of criticism.

One Twitter user responded: "Astonishing (but sadly unsurprising) basic religious illiteracy from @UKLabour."

Another said: "Is this a joke? You know we don't eat bread during Pesach."

And one wrote: "Got to laugh. @ukLabour trying to inclusive to Jews celebrating #Passover. The one thing observant Jews specifically avoid at passover is bread."

The message was posted on both the main Labour Party account and the London Labour one, before being removed after 45 minutes.

It comes after months of criticism over the party's handling of allegations of anti-Semitism within its ranks.

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Tory London mayor candidate, Shaun Bailey, also came in for flak over a Passover message which read: “Happy Passover, the celebration of spring and rebirth, to the London Jewish community.”

Social media users pointed out, however, that a Hebrew message on an accompanying image was written backwards.