RICHARD Leonard has been urged to clarify his position on Brexit after he said Labour are aiming to implement “radical reform” while retaining EU membership.

The Scottish Labour leader made the comment while congratulating candidates selected to contest next month’s European Parliament elections.

Targeting Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party – which some polls have suggested may be poised to secure a shock victory – Leonard also outlined his party’s vision for the future.

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He tweeted: “Congratulations to all those selected as Labour candidates for the European election.

“Only a vote for Labour can defeat the right wing populism of Farage, and help build a movement for radical reform and real change in the EU.”

The statement prompted calls for Leonard to definitively announce his position on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

In February, the Scottish Labour leader said he would back Brexit over a second referendum.

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Responding to Leonard’s latest statement, Scotland’s Brexit Secretary appealed for clarity.

Michael Russell tweeted: “Does this mean Labour in Scotland is now against #Brexit? Do they want to stay in the #EU, for which of course Scotland voted? Will they support a #PeoplesVote?

“It is concerning that even now @LabourRichard seems unable to bring himself to say so, clearly & unequivocally.”

Scottish Greens co-convenor, Patrick Harvie, warned Leonard that his pro-EU sentiments might come into conflict with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has backed a “jobs-first” Brexit.

Replying to Leonard’s tweet, Harvie said: “*In* the EU? Huh. Did you speak to Jeremy about that? He may have views.”