The National:

GEORGE Galloway’s antics have become increasingly bizarre in recent times.

Just a few short weeks ago – though many moons since he was pretending to lick milk from the hand of Rula Lenska – the former Labour MP was lambasted by Twitter users for a tweet which seemed to express solidarity with several Labour politicians and activists who faced allegations relating to anti-Semitism.

And in October last year, Galloway took to the social media site to claim there was a “heavy rumour” that the SNP were about to do a deal with Theresa May on Brexit in order to facilitate a second independence referendum.

Turns out the former Respect Party MP was speaking "heavy sh***".

Now the current MP for nowhere has thrown his support behind an unlikely ally if the UK is involved in the EU elections next month: Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party. But the failed London mayor hopeful says he is backing the hardline Brexiteer for “one time only”.

Because any more would be really embarrassing.

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In explaining his decision, Galloway tweeted: “Given the nature of Labour’s Euro-fanatic candidates list and the crucial juncture we have reached in the fight for the full implementation of the #Brexit referendum result and for one-time only I will be supporting @Nigel_Farage in next months elections. @TheBrexitPartly [sic].”

Unfortunately for the former MP, he tagged into his tweet a parody Brexit Party account – The Brexit Partly. Not just once.

If Galloway – who once managed to convince a majority of voters that he should be thrown out of the house he was living in – had just looked at the biography of the @TheBrexitPartly account, he’d have noticed that it is a “parody of a stupid racist parody”.

He, predictably, received some backlash, with one Twitter user relying to the post with: “George would expand how you have come to this decision. Thanks.”

Galloway responded: “A vote for the 5th Column Euro-fanatics in the The EPLP and the PLP would empower the enemy within.

“The betrayal of #Brexit can be halted in its tracks by a sweeping victory for @TheBrexitPartly I believe that will happen. It may also precipitate the break-up of the Conservatives.”

The former Respect leader is backing Farage’s party, which looks likely to select Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister Annunziata as a candidate, in order to stave off attempts to bring about a second referendum.

It seems Galloway is happy with the prospect of a group of hard-right Brexiteers representing the UK in the European Parliament ...