FORMER Labour MP George Galloway has revealed he will be supporting Nigel Farage's Brexit Party if the UK is involved in the EU elections next month.

The 64-year-old, who also sat as an MP for his Respect party, has thrown his weight behind the hardline Brexiteer for "one time only".

In explaining his decision, Galloway hit out at his former party, tweeting: “Given the nature of Labour’s Euro-fanatic candidates list and the crucial juncture we have reached in the fight for the full implementation of the #Brexit referendum result and for one-time only I will be supporting @Nigel_Farage in next months elections. @TheBrexitPartly [sic]."

Unfortunately for the former MP, he accidentally tagged into his tweet a parody Brexit Party account.

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After receiving some backlash for his tweet, Galloway responded to one user: "A vote for the 5th Column Euro-fanatics in the The EPLP and the PLP would empower the enemy within.

"The betrayal of #Brexit can be halted in its tracks by a sweeping victory for @TheBrexitPartly I believe that will happen. It may also precipitate the break-up of the Conservatives."

The Brexit Party was formed in January and officially launched by Farage last week.