NICOLA Sturgeon launched a “Scottish green deal” yesterday, with a pledge to leave no community behind in the country’s transition to a “carbon neutral society”.

Speaking at the STUC conference in Dundee, the First Minister insisted there would be “huge opportunities” for Scotland.

The SNP leader’s comments seemed to channel the “Green New Deal”, the campaign that calls for huge investment in the industries needed to tackle the climate crisis as a means of stimulating the economy.

The most prominent champion of the cause is almost certainly Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But Green MSP Patrick Harvie was sceptical, saying the First Minister’s actions in office didn’t match the ambition of her speech.

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Sturgeon’s remarks came as environmental protesters from Extinction Rebellion brought the centre of London to a halt for a third day.

In her speech, Sturgeon said the “transition to carbon neutral society” would be “a key mission of the new national investment bank”.

This, she added, would be “a Scottish green deal” that would provide “huge opportunities”.

“We are already developing real strengths in areas like battery storage and smart grids. We’re home to big technological breakthroughs, like floating offshore windfarms and tidal power developments,” Sturgeon said.

But it came with risks, she added: “First, we need to ensure that low carbon technologies create as many jobs as possible here in Scotland.

“So far we have not done as well as we want in building a domestic supply chain for new renewable industries – a huge issue for Bifab, for example.”

She warned the conference that as “we seize these economic opportunities, we also have to ensure that people and communities aren’t left behind”.

Sturgeon added: “I grew up in Ayrshire in the 70s and 80s. I remember vividly the devastating impacts of deindustrialisation. The fear of unemployment was pervasive.

“Lasting scars were left in so many communities like mine. And of course elements of that legacy are still with us today.

“It is those memories that drive my belief that the decarbonisation of Scotland’s economy must be handled better – and my determination that in Scotland it will be.”

The First Minister added: “We need to ensure that the carbon neutral age doesn’t just make Scotland a greener nation – although it will. It must also make us a healthier, wealthier and fairer nation.”

Responding, Harvie said: “As usual the First Minister talks a good game on climate, but her actions tell a different story.

She wasn’t even willing to back the Green proposition to declare a climate emergency last month, preferring to keep backing the fossil fuel industry.”

Meanwhile, Police Scotland said 17 men and 12 women taking part in Tuesday’s Extinction Rebellion demonstration in Edinburgh had been charged with breach of the peace.

In London, the Met has arrested at least 290 people. A spokesman for the protesters claimed police cells were now full and the force were having to operate “on a one-in, one-out capacity”.

Two activists staged a protest on the roof of a DLR train at Canary Wharf station, causing chaos for commuters.