AS an elderly retired Scottish nationalist I watched with ever increasing pride the BBC TV programme How Scotland Works. If ever the BBC – knowingly or otherwise – did anything to promote the Scottish ability to run our own nation, and demonstrate not only to Westminster but the world that it is “near the time” and “near the hour”, it was during that hour on Tuesday night, “Scotland at Work”.

A programme very well put together, portraying the able talent within Scotland’s established businesses in addition to the upcoming young business entrepreneurs joining their ranks.

With no way of avoiding the complete collapse of the Westminster’s governing capabilities during these ongoing dreary days and months of Westminster dribble and the looming cliffs of Brexit, I would only ask our Scottish Government to lead us, the people of Scotland, out of this quagmire and give us a clear and precise “road map” showing us the way and the full picture, warts and all, leading to Scottish independence. It has to be better than this.

Dave Beveridge