MADONNA’S appearance at Eurovision is being funded by an Israel-based billionaire.

Canadian-born Sylvan Adams agreed to fund Madonna’s reported $1 million fee to perform two songs during the interval at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. He has previously funded other initiatives aimed at promoting Israel on a global stage, including bringing the Giro D’Italia cycling race to the country.

Thousands of artists now publicly support the call from Palestinian artists and cultural organisations for the cultural boycott of Israel. Madonna’s announcement that she will cross Palestinians’ long-established picket line comes at a time when fewer and fewer major international artists are willing to perform to an effectively segregated audience under apartheid.

Let’s hope Madonna stands on the right side of history by refusing to let her music and image be exploited by a regime that desperately craves the whitewash Eurovision is offering. The Boycott of Israel continues until the occupation army leaves Palestine, the refugees are allowed to return to their homes, the colonial settlers return to Israel and Palestine is free.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign