The National:

NOTHING'S ever simple with The Independent Group ... or Change UK, maybe? Does anyone know what to call them?

Well, apparently, nobody will be able to recognise them on a ballot paper, either, since they won't have a logo in time for the European Parliamentary elections. 

The Electoral Commission told the new party of breakaway MPs that their logo – which featured a black square, the party's initials and said the hashtag #change – was "likely to mislead" voters. 

It added the acronym TIG was not "sufficiently well known" to the electorate, and therefore wouldn't give voters a clear understanding of who they were voting for. 

The National:

But now there's no time to come up with a new logo and have it approved before May 23, so the ballot paper will show an empty, white box where the graphic should be. 

A spokesperson for the commission said: "The emblem contained a hashtag, and we cannot assess the material linked to a hashtag, which will change over time, against the legal tests.

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“The emblem also contained the acronym TIG, which we were not satisfied was sufficiently well known."

Twitter users were quick to make jokes about the awkward situation. 

The European elections are due to take place on May 23.