SCHOOL pupils in Scotland will soon be able to learn about the history of the Scottish Parliament through a new comic book. 

Though the project is at an early stage of development, the wheels are set in motion for the book which is set to be distributed across Scotland's 2500 schools and sold to the general public.

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body has now advertised for a consultant to take on the project.

The body has also expressed wishes for the publication to be printed in Gaelic as well as English. 

A spokesperson for the Scottish Parliament said the main purpose of the project was to “help produce content for young people, developed by young people".

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They added the Parliament wishes to work with an organisation who can hold workshops in Scotland's schools where students can influence the creation of the comic. 

The National:

The spokesperson continued: “This method is widely recognised as tool that engages young people in the process, providing them with a positive learning experience whilst also producing a learning resource for the Parliament. They are also a more effective way of engaging children with additional support needs.

“If this activity goes ahead, it will be used by our education team to help young people better understand democracy and the work of the Parliament.”

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