I HAVE long been at a loss to understand the SNP’s support for EUref2. Now that Brexit has been kicked down the road to October 31, what of indyref2? We won’t get it until next year, in all likelihood. To me it seems that the SNP leadership would rather stay in the EU than get Scotland’s independence. The SNP got involved in what is essentially a British project, stopping Brexit, and may regret the day they stood shoulder to shoulder with Unionists to promote it.

The SNP are alienating many in the independence movement, not just their own Leave voters but all those who have been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for indyref2. They have also alienated all Scotland’s Leave voters, and we now have to take part probably in EU elections. The best we ever get is a pat on the head and being told we are wrong, that the EU is brilliant, we just don’t see it.

The trouble is, none of the EU’s supporters ever manage an explanation of the EU’s blatant support of neoliberalism or its disgraceful treatment of Greece and Italy, and they surf over the lost generation of Irish young people forced to leave their country due to austerity measures. Maybe if Ireland had not been in the euro it would have had more economic levers at its disposal??

And don’t even start on the Growth Commission. At least I get to vote against it later this month.

Julia Pannell