Supershoppers, C4, 8pm

THE consumer advice show returns with Kate Quilton and Sabrina Grant providing the lowdown on favourite brands and retailers, as well as tips on how to get the best deals. They begin by investigating what the UK’s biggest phone networks

don’t tell consumers when they sign a contract and look at the loyalty schemes of some of the UK’s biggest retailers. The Supershoppers also put steaks to a taste test and ask if targeted toners really take aim at specific parts of the body.

Not Going Out, BBC1, 9pm

LEE (Lee Mack) and Lucy (Sally Bretton) return for a new series. The first episode finds the married couple and their family and friends – including Lee’s dad Frank (Bobby Ball), their mates Toby (Hugh Dennis) and Anna (Abigail Cruttenden), and Lucy’s parents Geoffrey (Geoffrey Whitehead) and Wendy (Deborah Grant) – taking part in a sponsored group skydive for a children’s ward. It’s all in a good cause but, as their nerves and tensions build, will they all take the plunge?

The Widow, STV, 9pm

JUDITH arranges a lift for Georgia with a group of medical aid workers but the volatility of the region threatens to derail their journey. Pieter forces Adidja to partake in a terrifying exercise, while Ariel must confront the horrors of his past. Drama by Harry and Jack Williams about a woman who travels to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo to uncover the truth about the death of her husband three years previously. Starring Kate Beckinsale.

Ghosts, BBC1, 9.30pm

THE team behind the Horrible Histories educational sketch show for kids branches out into more grown-up TV when the original main troupe are reunited for this sitcom. Former Call the Midwife star Charlotte Ritchie and Stath Lets Flats’ Kiell Smith-Bynoe also join in the fun as Alison and Mike, who are thrilled to inherit a grand country house. What they don’t know is, not only is the place falling apart, it’s haunted by a collection of former inhabitants who don’t take kindly to the couple’s plans for their home.