HOW does the Yes movement counter disinformation and promote the political education of Scots?

That’s the question that will be put to a panel discussion and Q&A session in Edinburgh later this month.

Entitled Resilient Democracy Countering Disinformation – Promoting Political Education, the open-to-all event will be hosted by SNP Edinburgh Southern Constituency Association and will take place at the Eric Liddell Center in Morningside on Thursday, April 25, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

The panel will be Stewart McDonald, SNP MP; Julia Stachurska, SNP BAME; Alastair Brian, The Ferret; Maggie Chapman, co-convener of the Scottish Green Party; and Susan Rae, Scottish Greens councillor for Leith Walk. The meeting will be chaired by James Proctor, convenor of SNP Edinburgh Central branch.

Items to be discussed include an exploration of the impact of disinformation in Scottish politics and in the wider independence movement, discussions on the democratic deficit in UK, Scottish media, and the normalization of Russian state propaganda.

The panel will also discuss identifying “vulnerabilities to psychological warfare in Scotland, in order to develop and improve countermeasures against hate propaganda that amplifies societal divisions,” as the organisers put it.

They will also ask: “How can we support active citizens in their political self-education, promoting critical thinking and media competence?”