ALL Under One Banner has issued a rallying cry for the first march and rally for independence of 2019. In an emotional plea to the Yes movement across Scotland, the organisation which last year gained phenomenal support for its marches and rallies has called on independence supporters to take part in their National Tour beginning in Glasgow on Saturday, May 4.

Founder and spokesman Neil Mackay sees a good turnout in Glasgow as vital to nailing the Unionists’ lie that there’s no appetite for independence or a second referendum.

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Mackay told The National: “Three weeks today the people of Scotland will visibly prove to the world that there isn’t just an appetite for independence, that there isn’t just a thirst for Scotland’s freedom, but that we Scots are sick of Scotland being under Westminster’s perverted rule.

“We demand that our ancient sovereign nation is restored and recovers once and for all from the ruthless toxic banditry which has plagued our good people with economic drought, political calamity and democratic starvation for over 300 years.”

“As we approach this historic independence march at Glasgow on May 4, we cannot strongly enough urge absolutely everyone who supports independence to join us and walk with us from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green as we take control of the streets for Scotland, demonstrating that it is we the people who have command and that we fully intend to implement our will by the right of our own sovereign authority regardless of what any politicians do or fail to do. The iron is now hot and we alone hold the hammer in our hands.

The National:

He added: “Every day we hear the naysaying media lapdogs and home-grown turncoat politicians of the British state regurgitate the same lies after lies after lies – that there is no appetite for independence, that the Scottish people want Scotland to remain in the UK. They think that our people are naive and dumb, that we cannot see the blatant truth before our eyes that the UK system is broken and has always been broken, that there has never been a union of equal partners since the parcel of rogues rescinded Scotland’s independence.

“On May 4 at Glasgow you have a chance to stand up for what you believe in, to stand up for Scotland against our anti-democratic enemies and prove these decrepit fiends wrong before the mesmerised gaze of the domestic and international media.

“All you need to do is join us, All Under One Banner, and simply walk the route with tens of thousands of peaceful free Scots alongside you, knowing that you will be able to say to your children and your children’s children that you were there, that you stood up for Scotland and marched for independence on that glorious day.”