AS one reads the UK Anglo-press online, one is overwhelmed by the turmoil in the country and within the Tory party and the indication that the daggers are out for Theresa May for causing a “ national humiliation” as the EU take control of the next phase in the extension2 ... or is it extension3?

The blame-game excuse disguises the hapless position GB is in – this precious Union is foundering at long last. Ironically, the destabilising pressures are coming from the English Tories and even more ironically the DUP.

All the mystique surrounding the “ordered” parliamentary system has all but evaporated, the “Rule Britannia” chorus has run its course in the light of reality that is the Brexit-denouement. The “impotent” country which had privileges, rebates and opt-outs in the EU and a voice at the top table with added veto. But this was not good enough for the Anglos. Entitlement ingrained from birth and reinforced by inflated social status meant that it wanted to get its own way.

Hence the lies about Brussels diktats, the loss of control, when it was a shared control, led to faux outrage and dreams of former grandeur. That meant reinventing an imperial mode of power and influence – a form of domination which is repugnant – did not strike the Ukippers, Tory ERGs and the jingoistic sections of the Labour left as unreal. Even the cry for a new Royal Yacht Britannia to sail the waves and invite the “natives” to tea with some Windsor personage to secure deals was an insulting construct and a dream! The innate absurdity surrounding Empire2 was embarrassing.

Now we see yet again that the EU calls the shots! It was always going to be thus. The 27 were not going to renege on its developments and four freedoms, which were also promoted by the UK of yore, to suit the fit of pique and state of huffiness emanating from the Leavers.

Theresa May said it all when she uttered, in a moment of hubris, “Brexit means Brexit”. She is quoted as saying the following as she went into the meeting. When you read it, it is pure circulatory MayBot-speak without substance: “What matters, I think, is I have asked for an extension to June 30, but what is important is that any extension enables us to leave at the point at which we ratify a withdrawal agreement. So we could leave on May 22 and start to build our brighter future.”

As her party, the sycophantic Tory red-tops and local party organisations screech betrayal at Theresa May for accepting another extension, she is not solely to blame as she is merely the head of the whole current torrid Tory mess from top to bottom which has brought Britannia to this stage of implosion. The points for this current imbroglio were set by David Cameron as he tried to use the country to solve his party’s inner contradictions and long-standing dilemmas.

The present has finally found the whole UK and Better Together outfit to be a sham. A Union unfit now for purpose and a joke overseas. The Anglophiles on the continent have been forced to remove the rose-tinted spectacles through which they acclaimed England!

Indyref2 will finally enable Scots to leave the English system, which is what the Union was, England taking over and incorporating its “near abroad”!

John Edgar

IN Thursday’s article about big willy nuclear submarines (SNP MP: Trident renewal is just a ‘big willy gesture of a small willy nation’, April 11), the SNP defence spokesman calls the UK a small willy nation.

In his excitement is he forgetting that the UK is a collection of nations and we do not share the same willy?

Chris Sagan