The National:

Ever had the feeling that supporters of independence are treated differently from supporters of the Union by the BBC?

Well, here's a perfect example of just that.

On Twitter, a pro-indy blogger noticed something odd about the broadcaster's wording in an article about a Scottish couple who won the lottery.

In an article titled "UK's biggest lottery winners Colin and Chris Weir to divorce", the BBC detailed how the Weirs spent the £161 million they won in 2011. 

The article said the couple "defended making a donation of £1m to the independence campaign ahead of the 2014 referendum, and continued donating to the SNP afterwards".

Wings Over Scotland tweeted: "Hey @BBCNews, have you ever written about JK Rowling 'defending" her decision to donate £1m to the No campaign, as if it might be a crime?"

Wings Over Scotland is right on this one.

A 2014 BBC article titled "Scottish independence: JK Rowling donates £1m to pro-UK group", says Rowling "has publicly backed the Better Together campaign". 

Funny how Rowling doesn't have to "defend" her donation, isn't it?

Hardly a balanced take from the state broadcaster.