I DO realise the timing of indyref2 is crucial. I also realise I could be wrong in my assertions that our bid for self-determination should be now.

Whether you agree or disagree with me, maybe we could still agree that now is the time to present our position on many controversial topics. The SNP could take the wind out of their critics’ sails by presenting the answers before they ask the awkward questions.

A potential Achilles’ heel in our bid for independence is our position on fisheries.

When we rejoin the European Union after independence we must hold firm on getting a better deal for our fishermen. So I’m hoping our MEPs are currently in informal discussions with our European allies regarding this.

Let’s get our act together now. We use to have a saying in our house “you can be so sharp you cut yourself”.

Let’s not hesitate too long and waste our chance for self-determination.

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus