The National:

IT is undeniable that a Tory-Labour Brexit deal that vows to end freedom of movement would leave Scotland worse off.

With a recent survey finding the SNP would win 50 seats at a snap General Election, it is clear the party is ahead of both the Tories and Labour who are pursing a shambolic Brexit and have lost members to The Independent Group.

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The SNP's Ian Blackford hit out at the cross-party talks at Prime Ministers Questions this afternoon. 

He said: "People can't have faith in a backroom deal cooked up by two leaders who don't posess the ingredients to hold their parties together, never mind hold these islands together.

"Scotland won't be forced to accept what these two Brexit parties are preparing to serve up. There is no such good thing as a good Brexit. There is no such good thing as a good Tory Brexit Labour deal."

Blackford's comments followed last week's announcement that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn would meet to find a way through the Brexit impasse

Blackford said Theresa May must "recognise the difference between what she sees as duty and what the rest of us see as delusion".

He pressed May to accept the EU offer of a long extension and said "the only choice now" is a People's Vote.

May's response was factually incorrect. She said: "I think it is a little difficult for many in this House to listen to him week after week to stand up and say that the UK should stay in the European Union when Scottish independence would have meant taking Scotland out of the European Union."

In fact, the Yes campaign stated that an independent Scotland would try to join the EU, with SNP MEP Alyn Smith telling the European Parliament last month that "if the European Union didn’t exist we would need to invent something like it and Scotland would want to be part of it".

The usual contempt for Scotland was displayed in Westminster once again.