UNITED States President Donald Trump has said he will put tariffs on 11 billion dollars (£8.4bn) worth of European Union cheese, wine and other goods to retaliate for what Washington calls improper subsidies to Airbus.

A preliminary list of EU goods facing additional duties, including everything from aircraft to olives, was released by the US trade representative’s office.

The US says the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has repeatedly found EU subsidies to European aircraft maker Airbus have caused “adverse effects” to the US, chiefly to American manufacturer Boeing.

Trump tweeted he “will now put Tariffs on $11 Billion of EU products! The EU has taken advantage of the U.S. on trade for many years. It will soon stop!”

The long-running dispute precedes Trump’s administration.

The US expects the WTO will say this summer that it can take countermeasures to offset the EU subsidies.

FOOD and water is running low onboard a rescue vessel carrying 64 migrants off the coast of Malta, a humanitarian group has said.

Sea-Eye informed Malta of the concerns as Europe haggled over where to provide a safe port for the boat carrying 12 women, a child an infant.

The EU said it is holding talks with member states to find a port to take in the group, as the nearest countries of Malta and Italy have refused to allow port access to non-governmental organisation rescue ships.

Sea-Eye spokesman Dominik Reisinger said the “political question about the distribution of the rescued ... overshadows the human rights” of those on board.

PRESIDENT Vladimir Putin has put forward an ambitious programme to secure Russia’s foothold in the Arctic by building new ports and infrastructure.

Speaking at the Arctic Forum in St Petersburg, the leader also plans to expand a nuclear icebreaker fleet and increase cargo shipments across the route.

“This is a realistic, well-calculated and concrete task,” Putin, pictured, said.

But Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg emphasised the need to respect international law and noted that the Arctic is a “region of peace and stability.”

She noted that “this should not be taken for granted”.

AND in Brazil, heavy rains have flooded many parts of Rio de Janeiro and caused at least three deaths.

Rio’s mayor Marcelo Crivella said the city is in a stage of “crisis”.

Officials said 6in of rain fell in four hours, more than the average for the whole month.

Schools are closed and Crivella asked people to stay home if possible.