Our new favourite …


What’s it called?

Hip Hop Saved My Life With Romesh Ranganathan

What’s it about?

Theoretically it’s about hip-hop, though in practice there are regular stops along the way to discuss virtually everything else under the sun – such as why the Liverpool FC dressing room was so daunting for young recruit Jamie Redknapp (it involved Reds legend Jan Molby’s dislike for Redknapp’s taste in music) and what happened when Frankie Boyle received death threats. From an actual murderer.

Who’s in it?

Comedian Romesh Ranganathan, an omni-present figure on our TV screens these days thanks to his Sky One sitcom and panel show and his BBC series The Misadventures Of Romesh Ranganathan. Each episode features a different guest and as well as Boyle and Redknapp, Ranganathan has shared studio time with fellow comedians such as Sara Pascoe and Adam Buxton, acclaimed rappers like Afrika Baby Bam from Jungle Brothers (he now lives near Ramsgate in Kent: who knew?) and even Ranganathan’s mum, Shanthi.

Best bits so far?

Boyle is unrelentingly funny, as always, but there’s something about hearing him and Ranganathan delve deep into a discussion about Wu Tang Clan’s 2001 album Iron Flag or the spat between Wu Tang’s Ghostface Killah and New York rapper Action Bronson which raises the banter to the sublime. And, at points, the surreal. Jamie Redknapp's story about going shopping for rap CDs with John Barnes in Widnes is worth hearing too.

Where can I find it?

It’s available to download for free from iTunes.

Fun fact …

Liverpool FC never used to have music in their dressing room until Wimbledon FC’s Crazy Gang introduced a boom box into the away dressing room.

For fans of ...

Old school hip-hop, aimless banter, sitting in the pub talking rubbish about music.

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