POLITICS in the centre ground should not be seen as the only option to “toxic” alternatives, according to Patrick Harvie.

The Scottish Greens co-convener will speak at his party’s conference in Edinburgh today, when he is expected to say they can offer a positive vision to voters.

Harvie, pictured, will also tell supporters the party must broaden its appeal as it looks to make gains in Scotland.

“We need to be ready to win more Holyrood seats, building on the gains we made in 2016 and filling in those gaps on the map where three regions of Scotland don’t yet have a Green MSP,” he will tell attendees.

Harvie is expected to say: “We need to broaden the appeal of Green ideas to every part of our country, because every single one of us is involved in the greatest challenges of our age, and every single one of us is being failed by middle ground politics – or worse, by the idea that something moderate is the only alternative to something toxic.”