OUTRAGED social media users have warned the Labour Party that it will lose support across the UK after it was revealed Jeremy Corbyn is intent on ending freedom of movement after Brexit.

At Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Theresa May listed freedom of movement as a policy area on which Labour and the Tories agreed.

Labour vowed to end freedom of movement in their 2017 manifesto and after PMQs an official from Corbyn’s office confirmed that the party remained committed to doing so, according to LabourList.

Freedom of movement ensures the right of any EU citizen to work, study or train in any EU member state on the same terms as nationals from that country. It is estimated that two million people from the UK are benefiting in other EU countries.

In a recent survey of Labour supporters by LabourList, 83% said freedom of movement should continue as part of the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

May and Corbyn met on Wednesday to discuss a “joint-plan” for Brexit which would be approved by a majority of MPs.

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But after it was reported that the parties saw eye to eye on freedom of movement policy, Labour faced a deluge of criticism online.

Many north of the Border predicted the party’s demise in Scotland. Other onlookers in the UK insisted that they would never vote for the party as long as it adopted this stance on freedom of movement.

Here are a few of the responses …