Australia with Julia Bradbury, STV, 8.30pm

ON the penultimate leg of her 8000-mile journey across the continent, the presenter reaches South Australia. She drives along the Explorers Way, a route through the Outback mapped out by a pioneer in 1862 which is now regarded as one of the great Australian road trips. She reaches the world’s most isolated pub, The William Creek Hotel, and, from there, a small plane takes her on to the ancient landscape of the Painted Hills.

Code Blue: Murder, STV, 9pm

THE first of two documentaries following separate murder investigations, from the first “code blue” call through to the convictions of the killers. Detectives are called to a flat in Cardiff where the body of a young mother has been found with stab wounds. The key suspect is her boyfriend of six weeks, who has gone missing. However, they are able to track his mobile phone to the neighbouring police area around Bristol, where he is still sending text messages to the victim’s family.

Secrets of the McVitie’s Factory, C5, 9pm

CAMERAS follow 24 hours of life on the factory floor at the famous McVitie’s factory in Carlisle, documenting the work of the staff making some of the nation’s favourite biscuits. The programme follows the whole production line process, from mixing the dough and baking the biscuits, to the engineering teams keeping the machines running, and staff offer first-hand accounts of life working in the oldest biscuit factory in the world.

Grand Designs: The Street, C4, 9pm

KEVIN McCloud follows 10 households in Bicester, Oxfordshire, as they embark on a five-year mission to construct their own homes and create a new street as part of Britain’s biggest self-build project. The first edition focuses on Terry and Olwen and their neighbour Lynn – all three of retirement age and the most senior builders on the street – as they set out to create their bespoke homes.