OPPOSITION MPs have demanded any Labour-Tory compromise Brexit deal be put to the people.

In a joint statement, the SNP, the Independent Group, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cyrmu and the Greens said there needed to be a “fresh referendum” with “the option to remain on the ballot paper".

The National: The Independent Group signed the statementThe Independent Group signed the statement

MPs from the five opposition parties met in Westminster this afternoon as Theresa May started urgent negotiations with Jeremy Corbyn.

In their statement, the parties said: “The UK is in the midst of a Brexit crisis led by a government dictated by incompetence. 

“Given everything we now know – and the detrimental impact Brexit will have in the UK's economy, job opportunities and people's livelihoods, the priority must be bringing the issue back to the people in a People's Vote – with the option to remain on the ballot paper.

The National:

"We are in agreement that there is no such thing as a good Brexit and that people across the UK face being worse off. 

"We have shown over the past three years we are willing to find a compromise position to end the impasse.

"Time is fast running out and any compromise that is reached must be brought back to the people through a fresh referendum, and keep the option to revoke Article 50 on the table to avoid a no-deal Brexit."

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Earlier, Labour’s shadow business secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey, said she thought a new vote would be unnecessary if her party’s Brexit red lines formed the next deal. 

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, she said: “If we get exactly what we want – a good strong deal – then I would struggle to find a reason to put that to a public vote.”

But on Monday, Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer told the House of Commons: “At this late stage it is clear that any Brexit deal agreed in this Parliament will need further democratic approval.”

Unusually, Long-Bailey accompanied Corbyn, and Starmer to the meeting with the Prime Minister.