CONSERVATIVE MPs will not silence Scotland's voices, Ian Blackford told the Commons during PMQs today.

The SNP Westminster leader had asked Theresa May why the Scottish and Welsh governments had been blocked from "formal talks" with her, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had been invited for discussions.

The Prime Minister responded that she was meeting with Nicola Sturgeon later today, but Blackford again demanded to know why "formal talks" had been dismissed. 

The Speaker then had to calm members of the House who were drowning out the MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber.

When Blackford could again be heard, he said: "Thank you Mr Speaker and let me make it clear that the voices of Scotland will not be shouted down by Conservatives in this House.

The National:

"The important factor here Prime Minister is you’re having formal talks with the leader of the opposition. Scotland will not accept a Tory or a Labour Brexit. Scotland voted to remain in the European Union. And we simply will not be dragged out against our will.

"Will the Prime Minister now engage in formal talks with the Scottish Government, with the SNP, and other opposition parties, to make sure our voices are heard, and that desire to stay in the European Union – the best deal for all of us – is listened to and respected."

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May then insisted she was happy to work with members across the House to find a way to deliver Brexit, and added: "He talks about voices from Scotland, I can assure him there are indeed strong voices from Scotland in this House, they sit on the Conservative benches."