A LIBDEM MP has launched a scathing attack on his own party, labelling them a ‘mirror image’ of the hard Brexiteer European Research Group (ERG).

Norman Lamb, speaking to BBC News, said he was worried about his party’s approach to Brexit and is considering quitting the party whip.

The MP for North Norfolk made the comparison while the slamming his colleagues for being “intransigent” in their Brexit position and for not respecting the alternative point of view.

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“The whole essence of my liberalism is that you seek to try and bring people together, you find and build consensus,” said Lamb.

“And, I just worry that it looks like we’re almost like the mirror image of the ERG – intransigent in a position, not willing to move at all, not willing to, in a sense, respect the alternative point of view.

“And I think that’s very dangerous and I don’t think it’s very sensible politically, because if you are seen to be unreasonable, not engaging in trying to find solutions, then I’m not convinced it’s a very attractive message to the people.

Asked if he would consider quitting the party whip, he added: “I’m a liberal and I will stick with my membership of the LibDems for as long I am allowed to stay.

“Whether I should remain subject to the whip, that’s something that I’m thinking about, I’m talking to people.

“But I’ve proudly represented this party for 18 years in Parliament and what I was confronted by yesterday was very different from the sort of party I like to represent.”