The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick, C4, 8pm

NOEL treats a seven-month-old labrador puppy with lameness, caused by a joint defect called osteochondritis dissecans. He explains that medicine can be given but in the end the dog may end up requiring a complete ankle replacement or a joint fusion on both sides. Jo has travelled 400 miles to bring her beloved four-year-old springer spaniel Sophie to see Noel. Sophie’s kneecap keeps slipping in and out of her knee joint and, despite several previous procedures, the problems persist. After an examination by Noel, Jo faces the further worry of osteoarthritis.

The Sheriffs are Coming, BBC1, 8pm

THE last in the current run of the fly-on-the-wall documentary sees Rob and Gerald head to a care home to recoup the compensation owed to a former worker who was unfairly dismissed. Meanwhile Mike and Billy seek out an untrustworthy builder who took a grandmother’s cash then disappeared without a trace before completing the job he promised. Finally there’s another building company who owes a large debt, but the owner is now claiming the business has ceased trading. Tommy and Mike turn detective to find out the truth.

Critical Condition, C5, 9pm

IN the final part of the gripping documentary series, David is rushed into Stoke’s Royal University Hospital with deep head and neck wounds after being attacked with a machete. As the medics fight to stabilise him, his blood pressure drops and they need to take urgent action. There is immediate concern too for Richard as he arrives complaining of chest pain. He thinks it is simple indigestion but is shocked to hear he is having a life-threatening heart attack. Motorbike racer Neil is rushed in after coming off his sidecar at more than 100mph in what was meant to be his last race before retiring. He needs to be assessed carefully as he may have serious spinal injuries. Finally 17-year-old Jack is helicoptered in after falling from a substantial height onto his head. The staff are concerned about possible swelling, and immediately call a neurosurgeon, who inserts a probe three centimetres into his brain.